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Chinese Visa

A valid passport and a visa are required for entry into China. Visas can be obtained from your local Chinese Embassy or the nearest Consulate General. Japanese and Singaporean participants holding a private passport and staying in China for not more than 15 days do not need a visa. Early registration is advised so that adequate time is allowed for obtaining visas.

To obtain a business visa, participants can provide passport information at online registration and a scanned copy of passport so that the organizer can prepare and send an official visa invitation letter, which lists the city where the applicant should apply for the visa, the passport data, the gender of the applicant and the accompanying persons, the date of entry and the length of stay. Alternatively, participants can apply for a tourist visa through a travel agent after booking air tickets and completing hotel reservation.

How can I get my visa to China?

There are two ways to get your visa. The first is to register with the congress and pay an appropriate registration fee. If the information of your passport is supplied, an official invitation will be mailed to you or a scanned copy of the invitation emailed to you for your visa application. The second is to ask your travel agent to arrange a tourist visa for you. Those from Japan and Singapore with a ordinary passport do not need an entry visa if they stay less than 15 days.

Can I apply for visa in the country where I am working but not a citizen?

Yes, if you have a permanent residence permit. But in addition to the documents required for visa application, you should provide a photocopy of the permanent residence permit or social security card to support your application.

When can I receive the official invitation for visa from the organizer?

As soon as we receive your appropriate payment of registration fee, the invitation will be issued to you. Depending on the delivery conditions, three to four weeks for the post delivery should be anticipated.

How long is a visa valid?

A Chinese visa is good for 90 days from the date of issuance. Within 90 days, you can enter China, and from the date of your entrance, you can stay in China for at most 30 days (the duration period is written in the visa label) if the visa is still valid. But the visa can be extended for a month at the Foreigners Section of the Beijing Public Security Bureau if necessary.

When should I go to the embassy/consulate to claim my visa?

Since a visa is valid for 90 days, you may start your application 90 days before your planned departure from China. We suggest that you apply for the entry visa one month before your planned arrival.

Can I go to any Chinese consulate-general or embassy to apply for my visa?

First, you should make the application in your own country or the country where you have a permanent residence. Then, if there are more than one Chinese diplomatic mission, you are supposed to apply to the Chinese Consular post that holds jurisdiction over your area of residence. Otherwise, complication or delay in processing or even denial of application may result.

Notice:If it can not upload the file of scanned copy of your passport through online registration system, please email it to
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